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Wednesday, August 3 • 9:00am - 5:00pm
Learning Lab - Breaking Bad Digital Marketing Habits
The Periodic Table of Digital Marketing
Just as the world we live in is made up of various elements that work together to
create and sustain life, so too is the world of marketing. Join us for an interactive
session where we break down current marketing strategies to discover which
elements are missing, underutilized and/or unnecessary; and then reconstruct
the initiative to yield better results.  
Jeff Corbett, Director of Industry Relations & Rivers Pearce, Director of Marketing

Breaking Bad Facebook Advertising Strategies
Think having a business page and boosting your posts equals a Facebook
marketing strategy? Join us for an enlightening session with Elena Kwei-Raley,
Client Solutions Manager at Facebook who will share actionable insights on how
to optimize the social network’s full suite of marketing opportunities.
Elena Kwei-Raley, Client Solutions Manager at Facebook

How Does Google’s Local Search Algorithm Work?
Local SEO expert, Andrew Shotland, will be presenting findings from a recent
study he and his company, Local SEO Guide, completed. They looked at 100+
factors across 30,000 businesses to try to figure out how local businesses can
rank better in Google. The results are surprising! This is truly a “don’t miss”
session from one of the leading experts in the local SEO space!
Andrew Shotland, Local SEO Expert

Breakdown with BoomTown
Have burning questions about digital marketing trends or want to know what’s the
latest and greatest Google and Facebook trends? Now’s your chance to swing by
for in informal chat or one on one session with the experts.

Micro moments: How to Win Customers in The Moments That
Raluca Monet, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Google

Essential Elements of Marketing Technology
In today's fast-paced and always-on world, cutting through the noise and
competing for consumer attention is harder than it's ever been. It's no longer a
viable business model to keep your marketing strategies and tactics locked in
silos. In this session, Rivers will show you how to build a “MarTech” blueprint,
which will in turn allow you to produce marketing that meets the the expectations
of the modern consumer.
Rivers Pearce, Director of Marketing

Breaking Bad Content Strategies in A Data Rich World
From Zillow to Upstream to the rapid advance of cognitive technology, join us for
an insightful journey detailing how non-industry innovations of the recent past
influenced recent inter industry innovations that promise to create a truly
consumer-driven real estate industry. Learn why technology's original purpose
rarely resembles its ultimate impact, why content is still king.
Jeff Corbett, Director of Industry Relations

Wednesday August 3, 2016 9:00am - 5:00pm PDT
4. Learning Lab Sponsored by Boomtown - Franciscan Ballroom