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Wednesday, August 3 • 8:30am - 4:30pm
Learning Lab - The MarTech Salon: Smart Talks About Big Ideas in Marketing & Technology

8:30 am How Much is My Brokerage Worth?

Real estate brokerages have had an amazing run in recent years, and this run has prompted quite an active market for mergers and acquisitions. Sellers are cashing out and buyers are growing their market share, and the process of getting to that handshake is always a capital adventure. While valuing real estate brokerages evolves with the market cycles, there are some things that just don’t change. Find out what REAL Trends is seeing in today’s markets as they seek to pin fair market value to real estate brokerages.
Scott Wright, Manager of Business Analytics, REAL Trends

9:00 am
15 Alternative Real Estate Business Models: Which One Will Win?

Find out in this fast paced talk that includes a brief history of industry business models and the latest developments from the high-flying startups to the deep-pocketed companies coming into real estate. Don't miss it!
Jack Miller, CEO, T3

9:45 am
Your Videos Suck

Video is no longer the exception; it's the rule. With video being the highest weighted form of content available, what types of real estate videos get results?
Donnie Miller, VP Business Development, Vscreen

10:15 am
A Lead is a Client that Someone Else Lost

The broken-down lead machine and other thoughts on the future of real estate marketing. Change the way you think about leads and other real estate marketing tactics.
Brian Boero, Partner, 1000watt

11:00 am An Ace up Your Sleeve: The Growth of Team Technology

Teams have become a rapidly growing trend in the industry. In order for brokerages to continue to succeed they need to have the technology and processes in place to support the growth of teams. See what it takes to have an ACE up your sleeve.

Travis Saxton, VP, REAL Trends
David Friedman, CEO and Founder, Boston Logic

12:00 pm
Boston Logic Lunch’n’Learn
There's No Such Thing As a Free Lunch, But No Really: FREE Lunch!

1:00 pm
How Much Is My Team Worth?

Teams seem to be all the buzz in real estate these days, and indeed they’re proving to be quite a force in many ways. By conventional standards a team can be quite a profitable business model, but does it actually have intrinsic value that is scalable and transferable? Find out what teams are doing to build enduring value.
Scott Wright, Manager of Business Analytics, REAL Trends

2:00 pm
Panel: Is the Sales Funnel Dead? What it Means for Your Business and Future Marketing

Join a discussion led by Onboard President Jonathan Bednarsh on how consumers make purchase decisions in the age of the internet. A panel of industry leaders discuss the relevance of the sales funnel in today’s internet culture and what it means for your business. This group will have you thinking about sales in a whole new way.
Moderating: Jonathan Bednarsh, President, Onboard Informatics
Jennifer Marchetti, Chief Marketing Officer, BHGRE
James Dwiggins, CEO, NextHome
David Friedman, CEO and Founder, Boston Logic

2:30 pm
Customers Don’t Give a S*** About Data, They Care About Something Much More Personal

What can you steal from Amazon that will increase online engagement 40%? What is the single most important thing to consumers when making a purchasing decision? Take a break from panels and join us on this visual journey guaranteed to entertain, inspire, and leave you a little angry that you weren't doing some of these things sooner.
Erin Gilbert, Director of Marketing, Onboard Informatics
Jason McKeon, VP Sales, Onboard Informatics

3:00 pm
Panel: I Know Something You Don’t Know. How Big Data is Changing the Transaction

Meet three companies who are working with massive data sets to impact the way we target customers, allowing us to understand customers in a way we could only have dreamt of 5 years ago.
Moderating: Spencer Taylor, Director of Business Development, Boston Logic
Robbie Adler, President, Faraday
Mike Schneider, CEO, First.io
Marc Siden, CEO Onboard Informatics

3:30 pm
The Realty Austin Story

A rare glimpse into one of the fastest growing brokerages in the country. Hear input from their co-founder, marketing director, and director of online development.
Moderating: David Friedman, CEO and Founder, Boston Logic
Jonathan Boatwright, Co-Owner, Realty Austin
Brittanie MacLean, Marketing Director, Realty Austin
Jeff Burke, Director of Online Development, Realty Austin

4:00 pm
How to Find a Cause (Or Start Your Oown) That Aligns With Your Brand
Your brand isn't just a logo or words on a page; it's an organic representation of the value you offer to your clients and the community. How do you focus your social responsibility in a way that speaks to the values and goals of your business? In this panel, real estate professionals share how they have integrated their social responsibility into their businesses in a way that is both holistic and heartfelt. Learn how to identify a cause that is right for you that will resonate with those you are most interested in reaching.
Moderating: Caroline Pinal, Cofounder, Giveback Homes
Matt Beall, Hawaii Life Real Estate, CEO, Principal Broker
Greg Fischer, Fred Real Estate Group, Principal Real Estate Broker
Gloria Castellanos, The Agency, Luxury Real Estate Agent
Joe Curtis, Chief Operating Officer, Pango Group Escrow

Wednesday August 3, 2016 8:30am - 4:30pm PDT
3. Learning Lab Sponsored by Boston Logic - Franciscan Ballroom