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Matt Murphy

Boston Virtual Imaging
Founder and President

Matt is the founder and president of Boston Virtual Imaging, the largest provider of real
estate media in New England. For over 10 years, he and his team have been creating
professional video, photography and floor plans for commercial and residential
brokerage firms.

Matt is a software developer and consultant focused on solving some of the toughest
automation challenges relating to real estate media workflows. His work has focused
primarily on automated video and photo editing as well as distribution. He is the lead
developer of Pix2Flix and RevVid, two services delivering automated video creation to
real estate brokerage firms. He also developed the Synchy application to help
brokerage firms synchronize listing data with their print marketing workflows. This
expertise has made him a sought after technology consult to real estate brokerage

Matt is the lead organizer of the non profit Boston PHP, one of the largest and most
active groups of software developers in the world with over 3300 members.

Matt is a maker and a tinkerer. He’s currently spending time experimenting with Arduino
and Raspberry Pi, two popular open source hardware platforms. He enjoys jogging,
biking, welding, building things, taking things apart, things with motors, things that float
and things that fly. When he’s not playing with technology he enjoys adventures with his
wife and twin toddlers in Wellesley, MA.